We recognize that the preschool years are filled with astounding growth and rapid development. We also recognize that this development was created by God. We know that children between birth and six years learn over half of all they will learn in life during these formative years. This is a critical time of foundation building for all that will follow.

Learning from the Bible

Every time young children come to our church, they are taught from the Bible. Pre-K’s hear complete Bible events and related verses in group time. We believe that we have great opportunities to use Bible songs, verses, stories, pictures and related activities with young children to make Bible learning fun and exciting.  Class begins each Sunday at 10:00 am.



Norton Apostolic Christian Church is committed to teaching and ministering to Kindergarten – 5th grade children and their families. Our desire is to guide children through Bible study and various activities to experience a personal relationship with God. We are committed to building a partnership with parents to provide a total ministry to children.

We provide age-appropriate Bible study for children so they may explore Bible truths with other children of the same age. Our Bible study classes are taught by dedicated, trained teachers who guide children to learn Bible truths and apply them to real life. We use the Gospel Light series of curriculum which implements many methods of instruction to engage children in active learning. Children are encouraged to participate in art, drama, games, music, and a variety of other activities that motivate to learning while having a great time.


Grades K – 2

Curriculum focuses on learning to read and exploring Bible stories and verses that they are able to understand and recall. They learn that God wants our trust and obedience, which leads them to Jesus, their Savior. Teachers and the Gospel Light curriculum helps children to confidently get to know the Bible—pure and simple, in contemporary and creative ways that will lay God’s Word as the foundation for your kids’ lives.  Class begins each Sunday at 10:00 am.


Grades 3 – 5

Youth in this class will be led to become wholehearted followers of Jesus. Kids develop the ability to use the Bible and related reference tools, and respond by obeying and trusting Christ and sharing God’s love with others.  Based on 24 key Bible passages, students discover what the Bible says about popularity, success, failure, friendship, rules and more. Kids develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in church and the community.  Class begins each Sunday at 10:00 am.


Grades 6 – 8

With this class we prepare our youth to learn and apply God’s Word using Accent-using the King James curriculum.  Youth will experience a successful classroom experience through a variety of teaching materials that engage students and inspire them to learn. Materials are customized to meet the particular needs of each class and various learning styles. Every aspect of the class has been developed to help students of all ages learn the all-encompassing importance of Christ, Scripture, and salvation.  Class begins each Sunday at 10:00 am.

All lessons are built on the Focus, Discover, and Respond model of teaching.

Focus is on the students’ personal needs and interests, preparing their hearts to turn to God’s Word for the answers to their questions.


Students are lead in fun-filled, inductive Bible study, discovering God’s truth and its implications for them.


We strive to help each student respond individually to God’s Word as the Holy Spirit leads him or her to a specific life application.



JBC – High School

Each class begins with an engaging Sunday school experience designed to help them make a successful transition to owning their faith. With in-depth Bible studies, Scripture knowledge, devotionals, tie-ins to current events and hot topics, and real-world application, this high school curriculum is well rounded to provide spiritual growth in each teen.  Class begins each Sunday at 10:00 am following a light breakfast.



Norton Youth Group

Our desire in the Norton Youth Group is for your son/daughter to have a safe place physically and emotionally where they can learn, grow and have a good time. At the heart of our ministry are relationships and an environment that is Christ centered. Therefore, we take extensive measures to ensure that our adult volunteers, curriculum and activities are always appropriate, safe and encouraging for your youth. We strive to combine the teaching of God’s word, fellowship, fun and exciting worship music to create a foundation for your child to experience God’s love and to live out their faith through interaction and service.  We meet each Wednesday at 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

We believe that parents are the best teacher for a child and that our role is to come alongside in a secondary manner to encourage and equip your family. So, we encourage parents to take an active role in the discipleship of their kids by:

  • Growing spiritually and setting a great example for their kids.
  • Being involved in the church process and displaying a strong love and commitment to the local church.
  • Being involved with their child’s discipleship by knowing and communicating any concerns or needs to adult volunteers in our ministry.
  • Being present in the lives of their kids (both physically and emotionally)!